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Welcome to SkinCision by Allen Rezai MD, founded by the internationally renowned and respected Consultant Plastic, Aesthetic & Reconstructive Surgeon – Mr Allen Rezai. SkinCision is an extension to his already established and reputable Harley Street Practice, dedicated to Non-Surgical Procedures & Advanced SkinCare Treatments.

We understand that everyone that walks through our doors is unique – with different anatomies, lifestyles, goals and personal circumstances. We also believe that truly successful results are achieved, not only with technical excellence, but with outcomes that best fit your needs and desires. Having treatment with us is a consultative process – we want to understand what it is you want to achieve and guide you towards the best and most effective way of achieving it.

A cornerstone of our philosophy is that ‘less’ is, in most cases, ‘more’ – We firmly believe in performing the least invasive procedures to attain the desired result, and always use the latest advancements and techniques to achieve them. We don’t believe in adding frivolous ‘extras’ – only what will give genuine benefit, with outcomes that are predictable and proven.

We want your journey with us to be a positive and transformative endeavour. To us, that means not only achieving the best possible results, but also having a superb experience before, during, and after your treatment.

We take great pride in delivering the highest level of care – care that is personal, professional and ‘hands on’ and the most rewarding aspect for us, is guiding you through your journey to a healthier skin and a more refreshed You!

We Look Forward to Welcoming you at SkinCision!

Our Services

Website Coming Soon, here’s a Sneak Peek of our services…

Aesthetic Injectables

In expert hands Aesthetic Injectables such as dermal fillers, anti-wrinkle injections, Profhilo & PRP/PRF work exceptionally well and dramatic improvements can be produced, resulting in an astonishingly smoother, rejuvenated and balanced look to what was previously a tired, ageing or asymmetrical face.
Detailed consultation, correct planning and technique, are key in achieving a beautifully balanced & natural look!

6-Point Lip Lift

6-Point Lip Lift is Mr Allen Rezai’s signature technique, for a unique, proportionate and natural looking lip enhancement.

The most common reasons why people might be unhappy with the shape and size of their lips are that the natural ageing process has made their lips to appear thinner and less defined or that their lips have always been narrow with a less pronounced cupid’s bow. Some people may have asymmetrical lips and look to restore balance or create proportion. Whatever your reasons for wanting lip fillers, it’s important to choose your practitioner wisely, ease into lip filling and always maintain proportion and balance!

Dermapen Microneedling

Repair, Restore and Rejuvenate!

Our signature SkinCision Micro-needling Gold is one of our immensely popular procedures, known to improve poor skin tone & texture, fine lines & wrinkles, enlarged pores, sun-damage, pigmentation and scarring. It works by stimulating the body’s own natural healing processes and collagen production, resulting in a smoother, firmer and a more rejuvenated and radiant appearance.

Bespoke Facials

Our Bespoke Facials are completely tailored to your individual skin concerns and designed to help your skin reach its true potential & regain its natural health & vitality.

Whether you have acne prone skin, ageing skin, dull and dehydrated skin, oily and congested skin or simply want a radiant complexion, we have a solution for you!


Love the skin you’re in with SkinCision HydraFacial!

Like with any of our other services, we also tailor HydraFacial to your specific skin needs. We begin with lymphatic drainage for improved circulation and skin-detoxing, moving on to deep cleanse and exfoliation followed by a bespoke peel. We then remove debris from pores with painless suction, followed by hydration and antioxidant protection. We may also use a specialist booster for your targeted skin concerns. We complete the treatment with LED Light therapy for its soothing effects, reducing redness, and further collagen stimulation, leaving your skin glowing!

Buttock Enhancement

Create proportion, contour, add volume and fill in hip dips, without a Scalpel in Sight!

The procedure involves using a fine blunt ended cannula with special HA body filler to contour and reshape the buttocks and hips. It will also Improve the quality of skin and existing cellulite.

The Perfect Peel

Get Rid of Your Skin’s Imperfections with THE PERFECT PEEL…

The Perfect Peel is a medium to deep, 5-Acid Peel with Glutathione and a blend of Minerals and Vitamins, designed to Improve the Skin’s Texture & Tone and to Restore a Healthy & Youthful Glow. Depending on the condition of your skin and your goals, you may benefit from a Booster with higher concentration to achieve the best possible outcome.

Medical Grade SkinCare

“Good skincare should be a baseline treatment for everyone…”

Whether you suffer from skin problems relating to acne, rosacea, pigmentation, sun damage, ageing, sensitive skin, or simply looking for preventative and maintenance skincare regime to keep your skin healthy and clear all year-round, our skincare experts are on hand to build a results driven skincare regime using a combination of evidence-based medical grade skincare products carefully chosen to address your skin concerns, at a strength that is right for you.

SkinCision Exclusives

Our Exclusive treatment combinations are developed with “Optimum” results in mind. Stay tuned for the launch of SkinCision Exclusives!


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