Create Proportion with Non-surgical Hyaluronic Acid Buttock Enhancement Injections

Enlarge and reshape the buttocks, add volume to the hips, and fill in hip dips, Buttock fillers are an easier way to get the buttock shape you want, without a Scalpel in Sight!

Injectable treatments have become a very popular alternative to more permanent types of treatment, such as Surgery. The great benefit of injectable treatments is that they enable you to get natural looking appearance but without the downtime that comes with surgery. With the right indications and correct treatment selection, remarkable results can be achieved.

Mr Rezai, consultant plastic, aesthetic & reconstructive surgeon specialises in Buttock Enhancement using premium brand of Hyaluronic Acid body fillers from Germany specifically designed for the buttocks. These are made up of same HA substance that is used in fillers for lips and face, but with a different consistency to lift and add volume to the Buttocks.

This is a walk-in, walk-out treatment, taking up to 2 hours depending on the extent of the procedure, results are instant but will improve over 2-4 weeks, long-lasting results (up to 2 years, depending on the individual), It Improves quality of skin and corrects existing cellulite.

Why Use Premium Brand Hyaluronic Acid Body Fillers to Enhance the Buttocks?

  • Less downtime – you can resume normal activities more quickly when compared with buttock surgery.
  • Buttock injections are a less invasive treatment option than Surgery.
  • Less pain – buttock injections aren’t as painful during the recovery period as buttock implants or other surgical methods.
  • Treatment will Be performed under Local Anaesthetic – Only Numbing the Buttock Area
  • Lower risk – buttock injections do not require surgery and you do not have to be put to sleep (sedation or general anaesthesia).
  • The results from buttock injections are predictable, and more easily revised should this be required, by injecting additional filler to a specific area
  • In the worst-case scenario, if a patient does not like the result, the filler can also be dissolved by injecting a dissolving solution
  • Low risk of scarring and minimal side effects when performed by an experienced Doctor.
  • It is possible that you may not need to take time off work, however having a few days away from work is advisable. Recovery time varies between individuals
  • Natural looking results.
  • No need to wait – the results are immediate and will continue to improve during the 2-4 weeks following treatment.

Are There Any Risks?

From a safety perspective, Premium Brand Hyaluronic Acid Body Fillers are highly biocompatible, due to the fact it is made from natural hyaluronic acid.

Potential risks and complications of Buttock Enhancement Injection treatment are minimal, provided genuine quality fillers are used and the treatment is carried out by a qualified and experienced Doctor. Allergic reactions to the hyaluronic acid fillers are exceptionally rare since they are free from animal proteins and completely bio-compatible with the hyaluronic acid already in the human body.

Importance of a Thorough Consultation

A thorough consultation is highly recommended to discuss your concern-areas and goals with wanting this treatment and to determine your suitability. Mr Rezai will discuss your medical history with you, carry out a thorough examination and he will explain all aspects of the procedure including pros and cons and what you should expect in terms of results. Based on your indication for treatment and your wishes, Mr Rezai will provide you with a Bespoke Treatment plan.

Here are some points to consider when Choosing a Provider:

  • Thoroughly research your Doctor/Clinic. Word of mouth and recommendations from people you know is usually the most reliable guide. Treatment should be carried out in a medical setting using sterile needles and syringes.
  • A good Doctor will have a thorough initial consultation with you, check your medical history, discuss your reasons for wanting buttock injections, cover all aspects of the procedure, including possible risks and complications, and provide you with a bespoke treatment plan to achieve the best possible outcome.
  • You should always be given enough time to make an informed decision and you should NEVER feel rushed.
  • Beware of Cheap providers. Cheap Body Fillers, normally from China and Korea, usually come at a price. It usually means the product is counterfeit, or administered by an inexperienced, non-qualified practitioner. There are many varieties of HA Body Fillers on the market. So Be Aware!
  • Make sure that you are aware of the product you are being injected with. During your treatment the sterile product should be taken out from a box. Everything should be transparent. You should be able to see exactly what is going on and what is being used.
  • Treatments should only be carried out in a clean, safe and appropriate clinical environment to avoid infection and permanent physical damage. Treatments should be carried out in a clinical facility and NOT in a home setting or, for example, a nail bar or tattoo parlour.
  • Aftercare is an important aspect of any treatment. You should always ask the doctor about the aftercare provided, especially if anything were to go wrong.
  • No Matter How Common Filler Injections Have Become, it is still a cosmetic procedure with possible risks and side-effects and should not be taken lightly.
  • Never feel pressured into undergoing a treatment without fully understanding all the implications.

Schedule your Consultation with Mr Rezai to find out more about Buttock Enhancement Injections at SkinCision or your suitability for the Treatment by calling 020 7580 8001