What you should know about 3D Face Contouring

The 3D Face Contouring is an Ultimate Aesthetic Treatment which was mainly developed for the Rich & Famous and is now one of our Most Popular & Flexible Treatments and has become the “Favourite” amongst Our Patients.

“The Ultimate Goal With 3D Face Contouring Is not to Change Your Appearance, but to Bring Harmony & Create Proportion in Your Face and to Make You Look As Rested & Naturally Youthful As Possible… I find the trend in Cosmetic Procedures is towards a more natural look.  None of my patients want to look ‘done’.  None of them do.  They’re in fact, often pleasantly surprised that their friends and family just think they look better but can’t figure out why!

I passionately believe in a natural and minimalistic aesthetic and don’t believe in adding frivolous ‘extras’ – only what will give genuine benefit, with outcomes that are predictable and proven.”

Mr Allen Rezai

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